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My first project is on iTunes!

Blessings friends,

"The World to Me" is NOW on iTunes!

Releasing music isn't easy! I spent two years writing, performing and recording this project.   It was a lot of hard work and I'm pretty sure I even cried a few times.  

My mantra in life has always been "for every action, there is a reaction".  This phrase alone has gotten my mind past so many obstacles and it has also taught me perseverance.  In my humble opinion, I feel there is always something to learn out of any experience, even if the situation is not-so-great. 


"The World To Me" Acoustic EP by Rosie Dias

"If we wait until we are ready, we will be waiting for the rest of our lives." -Lemony Snicket TWEET THIS!

Finding the right recording engineer was one of my biggest recording challenges (and still is).  A recording engineer who can record live instrumentation well, at an affordable rate, is not so easy to come by.  The first engineer I was referred to only worked with "tracks".  Recording live piano and guitar was unfamiliar territory for him.  He was a talented person, but we were not a good fit.  I lost some money and time there, but learned a valuable lesson.  Not everybody is for everybody.     

Union Music Studio, White Plains, NY

Union Music Studio, White Plains, NY

Another challenge of mine was discovering how expensive this all is.  There are recording costs, mixing costs, mastering costs, musician costs, photography costs, online hosting costs... the list goes on.  There are also what I call "mistake" costs, such as when I hired the wrong recording engineer.  The good thing is, I am being realistic.  I understand that there may not be a financial return for me any time soon, and I am okay with that.  At the end of the day, this is what I want to do with my time and my money.  This is a hobby for now, but also a passion, and hopefully one day, a second career.      

Union Music Studio, White Plains, NY

Union Music Studio, White Plains, NY

A third challenge, and the one that stumps me the most, is the marketing piece.  I see the internet as an ocean, and I am a tiny fish (an independent artist with little budget).  I am constantly being swallowed up by much bigger fish (signed artists with big budgets).  What I realize is, the independent artist needs to do it all.  We need wear many hats and strategize even harder.

Union Music Studio, White Plains, NY

Union Music Studio, White Plains, NY

Despite all my challenges, I am very much in celebration of my milestone.  I have created an EP, a reflection of my efforts as a new, fragile, naive and excited passionate artist.  I have decided to revamp the look and feel of my online home and I am going to post my trials and tribulations as I move forward.  Again, I am confident that I will make mistakes, and I am okay with that.

"Blessings are sometimes disguised as hard work." -Rosie Dias

XOXO Rosie