So the last thing I remember saying to Jon was “I only half know what I’m doing so I need you to be ‘my guy’ in a couple weeks, ok?”


And he smiled, but I wondered if he knew what I was talking about.  I’m sure it went in one ear and out the other, but I’m glad I said it.  I always try to remember that he played keys for the best selling band in U.S. history, and as much as I adore him, he has lived many more lifetimes than I.  I’m sure he only half listens to the nonsense that comes out to my mouth.  

I mean, I know the deal.  I am small potatoes when it comes to music, and I'm inexperienced.  But Jon is fond of me, my voice, and my fondness of him. 

I went to see him for his Valentine ’s Day gig, because he is one of my favorite musicians.  And singing with him is the closest I can get to singing with Elton John or Billy Joel. And he knows I live for us singing Elton together.   

Earlier this week I had my first full-band recording session, and Jon was there to play the organ.  But I also needed him to be my guy.  I already knew there was going to be that moment where I wouldn’t know what I was doing, and I would need him to step up and help me.  You see, after surviving a childhood of being harshly reprimanded for not immediately knowing how to do something new, I can’t tolerate impatient people in my adult life.  I need a smile, and I need a face that reads, “It’s okay Rosie, let me help you”.


We got to a part in the recording where I wanted the musicians to understand something in my head, but I didn’t know how to chart it out, or verbalize what I wanted them to do.  And I started to get nervous that I would have to leave that part out of the song… even though it was the best part.

I was pleasantly surprised when everyone took time to work with me.  In fact, Josh who was playing drums, was the first to catch on.  And as soon as Josh picked up on what I was trying to do, Jon picked up on it too.  He started explaining to the recording engineer what needed to be done, and we figured it out.


After everyone left, Jon stuck around and continued to be my guy.  He fixed some piano I messed up on, and he bought me a green tea and a Rice Krispy treat after the session.  We walked for a little bit and bullshitted about how weird people are. 


Later that night, I messaged Kip who had been playing bass, to thank him for a great session.  I also sent him a bacon emoji.  He sent me one back. 

I decided to tell Kip that I always like to have him at my shows and recording sessions because he gives me confidence.  He told me that I did a great job picking the musicians, and to keep staying around positive people because it will bring the best out of me and everyone else.  He also told me, "Rosie girl, you got soul, you're doing great".

With a little tear in my eye, I sent him another bacon emoji.  Boys love bacon.  And I appreciated his encouragement.  


I messaged Josh later that evening too, because I needed to tell him how much I adore him. He messaged me a hug and told me he had fun.  I wanted to keep messaging him all my little random thoughts, but there’s something about Josh that makes me feel like small potatoes.  So I watched a 'Sex and the City' marathon on Amazon Prime TV instead.  I love Sarah Jessica Parker.

I didn't bother messaging Jon because I know he is busy, but I'll go see him this week at his gig.  And I'll be small potatoes, but he'll let me sing Elton with him. And he'll give me a hug and we'll talk about how weird people are for a little bit.

XO Rosie


"People Get Ready" | Songwriter: Curtis Mayfield | Guitar: Marcus Machado | Organ & Piano: Jon Cobert | Drums: Josh Dion | Bass: Kip Sophos | Piano & Vocals: Rosie Dias | Engineer: Matt Graff | Video: Ryan Nava

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