The One Who Loves Me (Behind The Scenes)

Hey, hey hey!!

So just an FYI - I feel so silly talking to the camera, but there is a video of me in my VIP site ackwardly explaining this new song I am recording. 

In any event, I guess I wanted to share a little bit about this new song.  I had my vocal coach be apart of the recording, since she was my initial inspiration for the lyrics...

...and because I love her.  

 Watch video here:

Watch video here:

So here is a little backstory, and I’ll try not to give out all her business.  I wrote this song when my vocal coach was going through some tough times with her significant other. I felt awful for her, and we talked a lot about the situation during our vocal sessions. 

We essentially discussed her feelings of inadequacy in the relationship. It seemed like nothing she did was ever "good enough", although she did try hard.  Unfortunately, she couldn't get back to a place where she remembered everything worked for the two of them, and she walked away frustrated.


About a year after I wrote this song, I started going through a very similar situation with my significant other.  I could definitely relate to what my vocal coach went through. Nothing I did was ever "good enough" for him, and it seemed like I spent way too much time and energy trying to figure out what I needed to do to make things work. And honestly, it reminded me a lot of my childhood... the whole ‘nothing I did was ever good enough’ thing.  It was a way too familiar feeling that I probably had a high tolerance for, and I spent way too much time in a bad situation that wasn’t worth the energy. 

What I learned is, when it works, it works. I don’t need to be some version of a person that doesn't actually exist, just to co-exist with someone else.  And don't get me wrong, I am all for meeting someone half-way, or agreeing to disagree on certain issues. But I can tell the difference between making adjustments when it comes to co-existing with another human, and changing who I am for the wrong reasons.


In the future, I know that if who I am isn't "good enough" for someone else, than it is probably best that we part ways. And this goes for friendships and working relationships too.  I mean, life is hard enough.  Why spend energy being around people who make life even harder? 

As far as the production on "The One Who Loves Me", the recording engineer took the files and he went on tour. He is working on mixing all the instrumentation and vocals, and he is sending me what he is working on from the road. 

And finally, just to touch upon what I had mentioned about life being hard enough... 

Every person I hand picked to be in this studio session, from the videographer, to the drummer, to the engineer, makes my life easier.  


See... I learned. :)  

XO Rosie


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