Studio Series: "The One Who Loves Me" at The Koop Studio

So my magnificent recording engineer Matt messaged to tell me he had a few more weeks left at the recording studio before he was going on tour.  Since I still had some funds left from my tax return, I decided I’d spend my hard earned money on another recording session with Matt Graff and the guys.

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I was really excited when everyone agreed to come back for another recording session.  I had felt super grateful to have Josh Dion play drums during my last two recordings, but I decided to ask Joe Piteo to join me this time.  From the looks of Josh’s Instagram, I didn’t think he was in the Tri-state area, and I didn’t want to bother him again.  Plus, Josh seems so busy, it kinda makes me feel like small potatoes.  But location and logistics aside, the bottom line is, I really like Joe.  He’s been my go-to local drummer for my shows this year, and more than that, I really appreciate his laid back demeanor.  What can I say?  I just don’t have an interest in working with difficult people on my own time and dime. 

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Joe and I had been able to spend some one-to-one time together before the scheduled session, and I really appreciated getting to know him better outside of a live music scene.  It was a week night, and Joe and I met at the Bareburger restaurant near my house.  (Side note - I love Bareburger.  There is something about the care and quality of their food that makes me feel not so bad about eating a burger and fries in the middle of the week.)  So with my little scribble notebook in hand, I waited patiently for him. 

When Joe arrived, he joined me at the bar and ordered a dark liquor.  I ordered a peach iced tea.  I don't know why, but I am really into scents.  Joe's scent was a combination of cigarettes, liquor, and boy.  And there was a certain nostalgia that came with Joe's scent that brought me back to when I was a 19 year old waitress working at the Irish pub near my house.  

While we drank, I told Joe about my blog and my recording project ideas.  It was nice having Joe’s full attention, since I’ve only interacted with him at our local musician jam night, or when he’s been able to play drums at my shows. 

Joe calmly sipped his drink while he listened to my ideas.  I grew curious about what he was drinking, and Joe was nice enough to offer me a sip.  And like a little kid interested in what the adults where drinking, I sipped.  The liquor hit me quickly, and a rush of calm went through me.  I was relaxed.  Almost as relaxed as Joe was.  I took a few more sips and then quietly wondered if dark liquor was Joe’s secret weapon that kept him calm in an industry that has far more than its fair share of chaos and craziness.  I also wondered if I should make the switch from vodka to whiskey. 

When we finished our drinks, Joe walked me to my car and we chatted for a few more minutes.  As I rambled to Joe about my goals and dreams, we both noticed the car parked next to me.  It had layers and layers of “stuff” in it.  And when I say layers, I am talking about the type of layers you’d only see on the television show Horders Buried Alive.  There were clothes and shoes and computer monitors and I don’t even know what else.  It was sad, strange and a little funny, all at the same time. 

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We studied the car and its contents, and laughed about it before we parted ways.  I went home and I continued to feel relaxed and warm from my sips of dark liquor.  I remember thinking… I like Joe.  I like that he’s calm.  And I like that he lets me sip his drink.  At that moment, the musician in me who always feels like small potatoes wondered if Joe would actually commit to working on my projects.  I decided if he did, than I must be doing something right.  And if not, then at least I got to experience dark liquor, while having a few laughs. 

I went to the local jam night later that week, and Joe gave me a hug.  I slipped him a zip drive with the music I needed him to play drums on.  Before I left Joe to watch the band play, I noticed he was drinking dark liquor.  And he noticed I noticed he was drinking dark liquor.  So he offered me a sip.        

To be continued... 

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Excited to share 2 new songs with you in the upcoming weeks!  Stay tuned :)

XO Rosie


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